Sports activities at school or in a club

Most of the extracurricular activities offered by the school to our children are concentrated in sports. This is not just about having a good time or taking a break, but also about educating the body to respect the rules of a sport. It is also a good tactic to teach children to live together and be sociable.

Concerned about the safety of our children during sports activities

This is not the first time we have discussed the safety of children during sports, but it is a topic we all need to revisit to avoid anxiety. Physical exercise is good for health, as it allows energy balance and acts as a prevention of overweight and obesity, it also makes us feel good. At school, children will learn the initiation of a discipline often at the choice of the school that will depend on its partners. The child has the choice to practice it or not. The training sessions are not professional in order to allow the children to participate in tournaments. If the child is gifted, the school will advise the parents to guide the child in this direction so that the discipline becomes a professional career.

Favorite sports for young people

Young people are no longer enthusiastic about sports as soon as video games arrive at home. The worst thing is that due to the insecurity outside the home, parents would rather buy the new Dragon Ball Z MMORPG game than enroll their child in sports halls or clubs. Nowadays, girls are very fascinated by dancing and men by soccer, although at the moment the average attendance between girls and boys for each sport is almost the same. Some don't want to do sports at all because they say it's too physical. But ambitious as they are, more and more young people are going to the dojo. Some young people like to relax their bodies, others don't even want to sweat.

It is not only the body that can find the benefits of sports, but also the brain feels well oxygenated after some sports exercises.